Jesus Did It!

By:  Norm Rasmussen

Do you feel overwhelmed with struggles - difficulties you are faced with?  God has provided Christians with a solution to keep us from becoming overwhelmed!  Do yourself a huge favor and take the time to read this short writing … and KEEP re-reading it … until you fully grasp what God is WISELY telling every Christian in the following scripture passage to do to stay emotionally and spiritually well:

Rejoice always, and I will say it again: Rejoice!  ( )

How often is “Always”?  Seriously … think about it.  It’s ALL THE TIME, isn’t it?  Giving thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ should be done how often?  ALWAYS … He says! 

Why is He saying we should be doing this all the time?  Because it is spiritual medicine to the troubled soul in a difficult world.  Because God created us, wouldn’t you suppose He knows what is good for us in a troubled world?

Afterall, everything God tells us to do in the New Testament Bible is good for us.   Everything.  We sometimes forget that, don’t we?

In addition ... God wouldn't tell us to do something in the New Testament we aren't capable of being able to do through Christ who empowers us.  That's the KEY for those who deal with accute depression:  Philippians 4:13 and 2 Corinthians 12:9 

For anyone refusing to believe true Christians can't "rejoice always", my first thought would be that they have yet to understand the crucial importance of diligently seeking God to work out in their life: Colossians 2:20.

Please don't take this as some put-down.  You may have no clue WHO Jesus really IS, so they may be thinking:  "Why even thank and praise Him?  Who is HE to be thanked and praised?"  He's fully one of the three person's of the eternal Godhead, dear one.  Here's some recommended viewing if you are questioning who He really IS:  Who REALLY Is Jesus Christ?  (I had no real clue who Jesus Christ REALLY is either for the first 35 years or so of my life, so don't feel bad).

Here’s some valuable insights about being thankful and offering praise (rejoicing) to Jesus Christ ALWAYS: 

·       The Christian who isn’t motivated to be thankful to Jesus won’t be motivated to praise Him either.


·       The Christian who will begin praising Jesus will find it is much easier to become thankful to Jesus.


·       Most Christians who are blinded to the wisdom of praising and thanking Jesus (Daily – HOURLY if necessary) have sadly placed themselves in a self-imposed prison they don’t even realize they are IN.


·       Most Christians who are blinded to the wisdom of praising and thanking Jesus ALWAYS are also blinded to the spiritual battle the entire human race is subjected to.  (Recommended reading:  The Armor Of God - Why Christians Need It )


·       When Christians are blinded to the spiritual battle they are in, it is much easier for the devil to keep struggling Christians upset at God.  When a Christian is upset at God, (and some Christians refuse to admit to themselves they even ARE) praising and thanking Jesus is about LAST on their priority list, which delights the devil so MUCH.  (Recommended reading:  The Secret To Joyless - Faithless -Miserable Christianity )


·       When a Christian remains upset at God, their ability to have confidence in their prayers dies, which delights the devil even MORE


·       The Christian who will force themselves to START their day – every day - by thanking and praising Jesus … no matter how rotten they feel – no matter how much pain they are in … are using THE key the Holy Spirit provides to let themselves out of emotional - spiritual prison … and stay OUT of that prison.


·       The Christian who will use the weapons of thanks and praise to Jesus throughout the day will discover that there is absolutely nothing else that works BETTER to deal with the pain and struggles they are facing.


·       A doctor can prescribe the right medicine – the correct solution - for your affliction, but if you don’t do what the doctor says, is it the doctor’s fault you aren’t getting well?    

Jesus Christ will be our judge on the Judgment Day.  God the Father has decreed that to happen.  Would it not be wise to start giving honor now - frequently - to the One who will judge our eternal fate? 


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