God - Help My Marriage!

Jesus Did It!

By: Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen

Going through marital problems at the moment?  Hopefully not.  But if you are, or to prepare for any problems that might develop later on, here is some insight that will patch up almost any strained relationship. 

A person becomes hurt by something a mate says or does to the other, right?  There is a way to get God’s grace into a difficult relationship and heal it so fast you might consider the technique a “miracle.” 

The “customary” way to patch up a troubled relationship is when the offending party admits their guilt to the other person, and forgiveness is granted.  This “miracle” technique is just the OPPOSITE.  Each person admits out loud to God and the other person that they each assume full responsibility for being the guilty person themselves . . . even if they are not.  By humbling oneself in this matter … God’s spirit is freely released to convict all wrongdoing … possibly in both couples … then healing will begin very quickly. 

Imagine if you can now  - God doing the speaking:

“When a husband and wife are having conflict, the best thing they can do is come to Me in prayer – confessional prayer.  The husband should be the first to set the example to his wife, so she can hear him pray.  However, if he will not, then the woman must be first.  He should pray out loud in the following manner: 

‘Lord, I come to You right now, and I ask forgiveness for offending You this day.  I now receive Your forgiveness.  I also ask that You help my wife to forgive me for what I’ve said and/or done to hurt her. 

‘And now, Lord, I admit 100% responsibility for the conflict in our marriage.  I refuse to cast any blame on my wife.  I confess to You, and to her, that I’m the one to blame for our conflict, no matter what has happened.

‘Now Lord, as an act of humbling myself to You and my wife, I ask that you give us sufficient grace in this situation so we can be a peace with each other, and to have our love restored.’

Now it’s the wife’s turn.  She is to pray the identical prayer.  She’s to confess before God and her husband that she’s 100% responsible for the conflict in the marriage, no matter what has happened, just like her mate did.  Not 1% or 99%; fully 100% at fault.

The natural mind says this is crazy.  “Why should I admit fault when it isn’t my fault?”  The question is:  Do you want your relationship to be restored or not?  Pride and anger are usually the two reasons why both parties have such a difficult time entering into this type of a covenant when they are having conflict. 

If a couple will make a covenant with each other during a time of tranquility in their relationship that they will promise to use this “miracle” technique in the future if it is ever needed … it will be much easier to implement once feelings get hurt. 

“God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”  (James 4:6 & 1 Peter 5:5). What better way for two people to get God’s grace into their strained marriage than both admitting out loud to each other and to God that they themselves are to blame (even though they may not be), rather than blaming the other person for being at fault?

Give it a try.  It’s guaranteed to get the devil out of your marriage faster than you can call a divorce lawyer, and a whole lot cheaper.

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