any concerns. Above all, pray for him and with him about his job. Pray for protection, comfort, support, and encouragement. The Holy Spirit will provide.

Hopefully, between his new job and new life, he will stay very busy. However, freetime is considered the most dangerous time of all because it is when a former inmate is at his weakest point. It is a time when his mind can start to wander. It is good to relax a little, but when we have too much time to think, then evil thoughts or depression or self pity can start to take root. These negative thoughts can build and lead to temptations of escape through substance abuse or whatever. To avoid even starting down such a path, the newly released Christian inmate should consider not having any free time unless he is with other Christians especially for the first year. By staying busy and keeping their minds focused on good things, he will have better self control and be more content. As his mentor, stay close to him and watch for any negative change in attitude or communication. If you notice any at all, immediately try to get him busier and more involved in activities that will uplift him and help build his self-esteem. An idle mind is a dangerous thing.

Last but not least, a newly released inmate will have a thousand things rolling around in his head.  One of these things will be meeting and dating someone special to love and be loved by. Some of you reading this book may be married to this inmate and this topic would not apply to you. Many others who are released will be thinking about and searching for love. Most Christian inmates have never experienced unconditional love until they received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Upon release, it would be wise for the new Christian to postpone dating anyone for at least 6 months until they can get adjusted to living on the outside again. Once he has his feet back on the ground and feels adjusted to his new living environment and job and has a few dollars in the bank, then he could start to date. It would be wise to date only Christians since it is recommended in the Bible. This will provide support and fellowship for his Christian walk as well. A good Christian spouse with whom to live the rest of your life can be the greatest support and blessing of all. Pray, pray, pray!

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