We continually grow in Jesus Christ. As we grow, there will be changes in our lives. God blesses us when we have the right heart attitude in any thing we do. Misconceptions about Christian living can hurt our walk with the Lord and affect our heart's attitude. In a place like prison that takes away our physical freedom, it is important for your friend or loved one to have a balanced sense of freedom in Christ. Freedom in Christ does include obedience, but the right kind of obedience, God's desired obedience, not manmade or self made restrictions.

If, after a period of time, the new Christian inmate seems to be continuing in the same activities with no change or new interests it might be good to talk with him to make sure he is still feeling peace and joy in his life. If he is not or if something is missing, perhaps you on the outside can see that he is in a rut (spiritually or physically or mentally) and suggest a fresh change to stimulate his heart, mind and soul. And above all else, pray, pray, pray for him.

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