satisfaction and pleasure. Self-satisfaction leads to a never ending thirst for more and more. Such selfishness can never bring long lasting peace or joy. So one must keep looking for better and new ways to have fun until one day, he ends up as empty feeling as he did at the beginning. Why? Because all of us have a void inside that keeps us looking for true happiness. God put it there so that we would seek a relationship with Him and have eternal life. Many refuse to turn to God or listen to God, so they keep trying to fill it with the other pleasures of this world, but only God can truly fill it.

Once a person turns to God through his Son, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit comes and fills that void. He is the One who gives us peace, comfort and joy. It is amazing how a new Christian who was once totally selfish is now seeking ways to help others. Helping others brings true joy and satisfaction. Growing in Jesus Christ is like having a brand new life. If one is properly focused on God then everything he does and learns will better his life. Many others around him may find the true source of happiness as well by knowing God the Father through Jesus Christ, His Son and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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