may have to wait months to have enough money to buy them again. In the meantime, he has to do without those items. Another problem is if an emergency count takes place while a friend or loved one is visiting, then they may have to wait a long time for it to take place before they get to visit you. This can be very difficult for visitors especially after traveling many miles to visit you. Sometimes the visits are cancelled and it is very discouraging for all.

Level 1 prison is the same as Level 2 accept your friend or loved one lives in a cube setting, often with seven other men.  The bad thing is these "cubes" are made for four men.  So there is a lot more stress in dealing with lack of privacy.  Going straight to a Level 1 will be easier than someone who has worked his way down through the Levels.  The majority of inmates are fresh off the street and very short (meaning close to going home).

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