There are times when a letter from family or friends can truly make or break one's faith in Christ in prison. It is critical for you to help the new believer in prison with encouragement and faithfulness. Write, call and visit as often as you can. It is a terrible feeling during mail call when the officer walks past your cell day after day with mail for others, not you. To truly help develop your friend or loved one in prison, write, write, and write, even if it is just a postcard. Also, send pictures as these things are worth more than gold to the person in prison. Some of your friends or loved ones will read those letters, and look at those pictures for hours at a time. He will share with others the news he has been sent and tell them all about the pictures. Getting mail is a peaceful time. It is a time that will take one's mind off of being in prison for a while. It gives one's mind a rest from all the daily pressures that bombard his mind, every minute of his life in prison.

Once all of the evaluations are finished, the inmate is going to do some 'dead time'. He will not be able to get out of his cell very many times. About this time, the prisoner can not wait for this quarantine time to come to an end so that he can go to the regular prison and enter into the normal prison lifestyle. In the regular prison life, certain freedoms will be available to him and living in prison becomes easier.

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