Part 6

Jesus Did It!

By: Ceci Sullivan

My mother had come to our wedding and had gone out with Gene and I once or twice to talk with us after we were married. I felt like her concerns were just a mom being normal, but Gene was uncomfortable with her pretense. It was something I grew up with and was totally familiar with and didn't see at first. The day came soon enough when my family's hidden agenda would be clearly seen. 

Everything up to this point was hidden. I had not asked my sister to bring my daughter back and she had not offered. Nothing was spoken about it. One day Gene began to draw me out about my feelings in getting her back. It was like listening to someone else talk. I could not give a clear sound. Inside I wanted her back. Outside I knew that my sister did not want to give her up and I didn't want to cause her pain. I also did not want to face the family feud which I knew would ensue. 

To Gene it was without question that she should come back. She is your daughter. The only reason that your sister has her now is because of your having to run from a murderous husband and to give you aid in time of peril. Your peril is over. But...your sister loves your baby and it wouldn’t be right to just go ask for her back, but we definitely need to go speak with her. He saw the other children were devastated by her absence.

Gene and I flew to the east coast to talk to my sister personally about the situation. We sat up late with her and we poured out our hearts to each other. She knew my pain and I saw hers. She had her own revelation that the baby should come be with us. I broke down hysterically with unbelievable joy - she was offering my baby back. We didn’t have to ask for her, she saw it was the right to restore our family after the storm had passed. My sister admitted that she knew in her heart if we thought the baby belonged with us we should leave with her in the morning. Her time was over as a guardian angel who had kept a baby safe in a nightmare. She saw it was right for the other children. 

When we got up the next morning, my sister was gone and had taken the baby with her. She had gone to get a court order against us. She and my mom had accused me of being an unfit mother. (Although they weren’t trying to have the other children removed from my custody.) My sister had money and influence, I didn’t even have a lawyer. When you're up against money and power, the battle looked grim. God allowed her to adopt the baby however. I know the purpose for that has yet to unfold. Even when Social Services did a home study about our family conditions, they recommended the baby be returned to us.

Although I was greatly saddened by my family's betrayal I had understanding and a grace which allowed me to move on and to know that God's purposes would be fulfilled. And basically, what in truth we were dealing with was the persecution of our faith that Jesus talks about. 

How strange it was, that through all of Michael's criminal behavior, his drinking and his anger, my family thought me to be normal and would not have considered taking my children away from me or accusing me of being unfit. If I were unfit at any time in my life it was during the last year of my marriage to Michael. Why weren't they taking me to court back then? 

The plain truth is that I had no testimony of Jesus in all that was happening. All I could do was relate to them on a carnal, sensual level. The dead religion we were raised in has no real belief that God is involved personally through His son Jesus in your life, and that He will actually speak to you in your spirit and give you wisdom and guidance. 

Had I been enlightened with the Holy Spirit and had the people of God come into my life back then, my family would have gone after me. As a child I never understood why the people back in Jesus day killed him. As I grew older and went to church it just became fact but I never really understood why people get so threatened by those who have encountered the Living God of the Bible! 

Spiritual persecution is merely two people whose spirits are in disagreement or in conflict, and one decides to punish the other or to control the other. And this is what my family was doing. Using the ignorant and ungodly courts and prejudiced system of law to justify their lies and control. Jesus said, "when they do these things, they'll think they are doing God a service."  I never was persecuted when I loved and served myself, and could care less about serving Jesus. I let Michael control me, and now I was yielding to the Spirit of the Living God, and they thought I went crazy.

Out of the blue one day, we received a phone call. It was my daughter, she was ten. We were ecstatic, because we had been kept from her for years. She ended up coming to visit us several times, and now lives with us. She sees the emptiness of living for money, education and position in life, and the loneliness and lack of true fulfillment it brings. She sees life without faith and love in it isn't worth living. She is becoming familiar with honest, open, sincere relationships. She has given up trashy music and TV programs and feeds her heart and spirit with good things rather than destructive things. 

She has value in knowing Jesus, The Way, the Truth and The Life! She was tormented because she violated her God conscience all the time but now she is getting in touch with following the integrity of God's Spirit in her heart. My mother also within the last year has repented for her unfounded fears and imaginations about Gene and I and how it affected relationships over the years. We talk on a regular basis and enjoy a relationship in spirit & truth. Love and faith have replaced fear and unbelief. I have a saying I like to quote ... "perfect fear, casts out love."  There is a fear that isn't good, the fear that keeps us from reaching out and loving someone.

Jesus took twelve men and lived in a close relationship with them. He loved them enough to get very involved in their lives, and to teach them to get very involved in lives. He didn't send them away to Bible college to learn to love their brother. Gene along with other men I know, don't read to men from a pulpit, they get personally involved in the lives of others! Not a popular concept for those who feel good and righteous because they went to church on Sunday and Wednesday, but never got too close to anyone, nor let anyone close to them. 

When I saw Gene give people his heart, talked openly about the motives and intentions of his heart, and helped other's have the faith to face the motive and intentions of their hearts, all I could do was cry. I wondered what would have happened if Michael's father would have given him his heart? What if he was honest with him about his own lust and pretense, would it have made a difference in his life? 

I look back on all the priests, counselors, and men in the churches we attended who were not honest and open about overcoming sin in their lives. They didn't have the testimony of Jesus regarding their sin and selfishness. If they did, they loved their own lives too much to talk about it. They weren't open, and they didn't produce openness in him. They "bore fruit after their own kind."

The love of Jesus in my heart for my children, demanded me to find answers for them. I didn't want them to walk down the path of destruction and perversion that generations in our family had, which I haven't still gone into great depth about. (It would take a book). I don't condemn my family, but I can't close my eyes to reality and deny Jesus with them anymore. I love Jesus, the light, and most of them don't...what fellowship has light with darkness? I love and pray for them, and believe Jesus to send others into their lives they might not reject. I lived in the dark, and Jesus sent His people to me to walk in the light with. Now I live to help others (who will let me) walk in the light with Jesus, the Son of God, who is light!

Meeting people who didn’t hide their sin, but exposed it, has changed my life forever! Consider the movie, "Schindler’s List". One man doing what was right, what love demanded, saved the lives of many. All who have eyes to see the path His life has laid out for us, and receive Him are saved! I thank God He sent men my way, who were doing what was right, what love demands. It’s helped me to be the one sent, and to send to others the message of deliverance from the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom and Government of God.

In the book of Acts, it shows the Apostle Paul was required to receive Annanias so he could receive his sight. Cornelius also, after being visited by an angel, was instructed to send for a man, Peter. Cornelius received Jesus BECAUSE He received Peter. If Cain would have humbled himself to receive his brother Abel, God would have received his offering. His evil heart towards his brother was his ruin. God, throughout history, has ordained men to be messengers of His Word and Grace.

The Bible says, 'there was a man sent from God and his name was John'. In my case, his name was Gene. God has always sent men. He promised to! He sent Jesus, and Jesus sent men! Michael chose to be an ambassador of hell and death. Gene chose to be an ambassador of Faith, Hope, Love, and Jesus! We all must choose who we will represent. I want to have the bread of life, the drink of Heaven for all who Jesus sends my way. 

He's coming back to reward us for what we have done...for what we DID about what we THOUGHT...for what we said, and how we affected each other, good and bad. Our words are on a mission, they operate on the hearts of those around us. What mission are your words on? What operation do you perform in the lives of those around you?  (JOB 29:12-16)

That's the end of my story but in actuality it is not the end.  My life is just beginning!  God's Word says in I Cor 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."  

Thank you and God bless you for taking the time to read my testimony.  I pray that it has helped encourage you and given you the strength you need to go on.  If you would like to talk with me about anything I've shared, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached at singlei@msn.com.

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--Ceci Sullivan


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(Update: My mom came and spent two weeks with us. It was a miracle. She was open and confessed she needed to stop denying Jesus before men. She asked many deep questions, and had a spiritual openness, and a degree of hunger for righteousness. Love and faith have superseded fear and unbelief. She sees that "Wisdom is truly found in her children." She sees her grandchildren possess the peace of God which passes understanding and that speaks volumes to her.)

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