I Couldn't Trust Anyone...

(The Siunipa 'Asi Story)

Jesus Did It!

By: Siunipa 'Asi

My name is Siunipa ĎAsi, born in 1978.† I come from a big family - 14 of us including my momís children.† My mom had her first child without marriage, and it was a boy.† She then married her first husband and had three children (two boys, one girl).† After awhile her husband left her with the children.† Later she married my Dad and had ten of us, (seven girls, three boys).† The eldest is a boy and then me.† We grew up, went to church every day, and early in the morning we had devotions and in the evening too.†††

About the age of four, I was adopted to one of my uncles (my momís eldest brother).† My uncle had three girls only, and had another three boys with them of my other uncle.† These three boysí dad is overseas and heís another brother of my mom.† These three boys raped me when I was about the age of 8Ė10 years old.† They were older than me, and each one of them abused me in different ways. Each one of them didnít know that they were doing the same thing to me.† Nobody found out what had happened.† I was so afraid because they threatened me, plus I never trusted anyone in my family.† Everytime they talked to me it hurt me and every word they spoke to me was like a knife cutting me down.†† So I never talked, but inside I was hurting and very painful.

At the age of 13, I returned to my parents; it was another strange story.† My own brother, older than me and two of my stepbrothers did the same thing to me.† I guess I was a prostitute to my own brothers.† During this incest filthiness, I found myself to be attracted to girls.† It was another story to me to have this feeling, as lesbian.† When I first experienced this, I tried so many times to end my life and told myself that this isnít normal.† Inside I didnít know what was happening with me, the big question IĎve had was "why?".† At the same time I was longing to be loved and needed attention but of no result.† At home sometimes I would talk to my mom about some other problems that Iím facing, but when she got angry she blew everything off to me again and it hurt me even more.† One of my cousins asked me the situation that Iíve been telling my mom, and it made it difficult to pour out my wounded heart to my mother.† This made me run everywhere looking for someone that would care for and love me, and who I could trust. Then I found my first friend, the alcohol, but only for a moment; it didnít satisfy me and never gave me the answer to my question: why?

In 1998, I met one girl cousin of mine; she went to Church on the Rock.† She invited me to their youth program, and then I liked to go and joined them.† This is when I met a friend in this church; her name was Sela.† She always prayed and shared with me about God but I never shared with her any of my wounded heart.† I liked it in this church but only for awhile; my mom hit me and told me not to go to this church anymore.† So I obeyed her but still contacted Sela even though I never went to their fellowship.† Then I came to a point where I started to go nightclubbing, have friends and enjoyed drinking alcohol.† When I got the habit of drinking I became so rebellious, never listened to my parents anymore.† I just ran my own life without them.

Then in 1999, I went overseas to visit my stepsister and it was the first time I stayed with her.† This was when I stopped contact with Sela.† Even though I have seen my sister before, I havenít known her to be a sister.† My habit of drinking increased, for every weekend it was a drinking party for the family.† This was the first time for me to smoke cigarettes and marijuana.† I first tasted these after one of my uncles abused me again, and this was the father of the three boys that did the same thing to me when I was little.† From here my sister found out and then I shared with her everything, even the part of being attracted to ladies.† She was the first one to know in the family and that I ever trusted.† I was so close to my sister and she wanted me to stay with them, but I had to come back to Tonga. Anyway she sent me to a counselor and I remembered telling the counselor to help me, get rid the feeling of attraction to ladies.† The counselor and most of the counselors Iíve been to, told me that it is normal.†† I have to accept it, thatís the real me.† They told me they canít change me, thatís who I am.† So I believed in them and slept with many girls even some of my girl cousins, but inside me I knew itís wrong.† Sometimes, I was afraid of doing it, but the feeling in me was out of control. Even though I was doing all this, somehow a voice kept saying Selaís name, every time I needed help.† But I didnít want to hear that because I hated myself, and didnít want to join any of these.† Because my family wonít let me, maybe itís better for them to live the way I was.

Then in November 2000 I came back home to Tonga.† After a week I talked to my mom about everything except my brothers.† My mom didnít believe me, somehow she blamed me.† So I blamed her, my dad and everybody including God.† Sometimes I told God to take my life because I knew I would die sooner or later, and I would still end up in hell. This was strange to me what Iíve been through and couldn't figure it out, what kind of life I had.† But since we were Catholics, sometimes I thought of becoming a nun so that no one would know my ugliness.† When I joined some of the seminars I hated myself.† I didnít like it there, somehow in me I didnít want to be a pretender.† Then I moved from my house looking for real love and someone to care for me and accept me.† But every time I moved from family to family I caused more troubles.† All I was living for was getting drunk and slept with as many girls as I possibly could.† I had good jobs, good pay too but all wasted on alcohol and girls.† When my parents talked to me, I just walked out, and my village knew me as the drunken rebellious lady.† I also cut my hair like a boy and became a real tomboy, in the nightclubs no one knew I was a girl. So I played my part being a pretender through my darkest hour to be a man.

Before Christmas in 2002, I drank alcohol through Christmas and the new year until January 14, 2003.† I never went to church; I always ran away whenever there was a church function.† The night of January 14, 2003, I had this sickness in my throat.† It was sore when I swallowed my saliva.† The next morning, it shocked me; I couldnít talk, eat or drink.† It was fast, my parents took me everywhere for three days looking for medication and found none, or no one to help me.† The only thing I did was cry and if I wanted to talk, I wrote on a piece of paper.† When there was no hope for me I cried and walked around the house.† Then my mom saw me and came and told me: ďAsk God for forgiveness, repent everything that I did, ask Him to heal me for He is the only true doctor.Ē† When my mom said this, the tears ran down my face and it was the first time I felt loved from my mom.† At the same time, I knew itís true but because I blamed God too for what had happened to me.† So I did exactly what my mom told me to do.† After five minutes my prayer was answered; God healed me through this Pentecostal lady with her prayers and believing in Godís healing.† It took only two days for her faith in God and prayers to heal me; I then started talking, eating, and drinking again.† Itís like coming back from my death bed.† It was then I started from here - I was looking for God, I wanted to know Him and study His Words for the first time in my life.†

During this year I havenít had a job, but was praying for a job and a place to start with.† So on the 3rd of March 2003, I entered Faith Seminary (Tonga-Extension); itís a Bible College and I work there at the same time.† While doing this Bible course, I realized that Iím still doing the same sin that I was doing before.† Inside me I knew that it was wrong and found that I hadnít gotten the answer for my question ďwhy?Ē† I didnít know how to stop this habitual sin.† I came through the Gospel church still looking for God and the right place to fit in, but when some of them found out about my true self, they rejected me.† Then I thought to myself, well Christians or Non Christians Ė everyone is the same.  But I kept on asking God to lead me to the right place, but it seemed like there was no end for me there.† So I started to sit back again smoking, drinking, and nightclubbing.

In August 2003, still hopeless and confused about Christians, a friend of mine came and visited me at work.† Sheís saved and from the Church on the Rock, and stayed with Paula and Sela (my friend from 1998).† She invited me to their life-group which was held on a Tuesday night.† So I came and was held in where Paula and Selaís staying.† Sela was surprised and happy to see me again but I wasnít sure of becoming a Christian.† At the life-group I didnít like it because I hated Paulaís (Selaís husband) sharing.† Because every time he shared itís like heís only talking to me, but not to the other members and I hated it.† I told my friend I couldnít come there again; she told me maybe this is where I would be saved, and even then I still ignored it.† During this time I continued to make contact with Sela and my friend again, and sometimes they wanted me to have fellowship.† But I found it difficult because I was still hiding myself.† But every day I came to their house it started to build up my relationship with them again.† The first time I came there it was a test, if I can trust Sela again or not. Then one day I talked to Sela what Iíve been through this year, and what Iíve been doing since we separated.† This was the first time I started to share my wounded broken heart with Sela.† After I shared with her, sheís alright and told me that she loved me with Godís love.† So I started to come to their (Sela and Paulaís) house more often and began to feel real with them.††

So one expected evening, I decided to sleep overnight at their house.† It was a Saturday evening, the 11 th of October 2003.  Our conversation started when I asked them the difference between blessings and grace.  They shared with me and gave me this verse about grace in Philippians 2:12,13:

ďTherefore, my beloved as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.Ē

As they shared, I was interested in listening to their sharing for the first time.† This was the introduction for my birth into the Kingdom of God.† But because Sela already shared with Paula what Iíd been through, and I thought maybe they were thinking about how I told them that I already accepted Christ in my heart, and still doing the same thing, at the right time to have fellowship with them.† I believe it was Godís timing for me.

Then Paula continued talking about sin and being born again.† I was there with his wife and my friend, listening.† He (Paula) read 1 John 3:4-6:†

ďWhoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.† And you know that He was manifested to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin.† Whoever abides in Him does not sin.† Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known HimĒ

And ... 2 Corinthians 5:17: ďTherefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.Ē 

While he (Paula) was reading these Scriptures from the Bible, at the same time, I felt in my heart like a knife is cutting and tearing me inside, and from these verses I knew that I hadnít invited Jesus into my heart. So after Paula shared with us I went to their office, the minute I closed the door, tears burst out with questions in my heart.† I asked God, ďwhere He was since I was healed, I thought I already accepted Him?Ē† The answer that God put in my heart was; ďI only put Him in my mind and mouth, I havenít asked Him to come into my heart.Ē† Then straight away, I said the sinnerís prayer and asked Him (Jesus) to come into my heart, be my Lord and Saviour.†

After this prayer, I felt a great joy and Godís peace in my heart.† I knew God was with me on that night since then.† Then I played some worship music and read the Bible.† At the same time, more questions that came to my mind were; ďHow will I face my past, how will I face the people that Iíve wronged and what will I do when my friends find out about this?Ē† While I was thinking about these questions, God spoke to me through Philippians 3:13,14:

ďBrethren , I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.Ē

So I praised Him all through that night for He has cleansed me and bore my shame.† He has forgiven my sins and helped me to go on. This was the first time I felt loved and cared for and found the answer to my question of †ďwhy?Ē also believing He is the only One who is worthy to be trusted.† I was so glad to know that God was with me since I was a child, even before I came to this world.†† He unveiled my eyes to see that the only answer is Jesus Christ himself and is the Way, the Truth and the Life... (John 14:6).

The next day, I shared with Sela and Paula what had happened; they were surprised and praised God.   Since then, I started praying to God to put a stop to the curse that is in my family. Also I asked God to work in me to show my family the changes in my life. For me, Godís work manifested in my life speaks louder than words. So ever since then at home, my family, friends and the people in my village were so amazed with the changes in my life. All the things that I used to do, I didnít like doing anymore. But I havenít talked to my mom what had happened and what God is doing in my life.

As my family, people in my village, and friends realized the changes, I then started sharing with them, what is going on in my life.  They really donít understand, some of my friends laughed at me, but I just pray to God that He will make them understand.  So one day my mother told me that my past took her right to the very face of hell.  She meant she was so ashamed of me, and what Iíve been doing all my life, she could have been dead because of me.  To her surprise and mine, she told me again, she thanked God Ė Iím the worst in the family and God has chosen me and she realized the changes and miracles of God in me.  I praised God, for it is Him who lives and make these changes in me.  God has been faithful with me and He always will, if I will be willing to walk with Him every day. 

God is the only One who ministers to my mother and all my family.† Praise the Lord!† God has chosen me (the foolish, weak things of the world) to put to shame the wise and the things which are mighty (1 Corinthians 1:27).

So after a couple of days, I wanted to be water baptized, because I knew that this is another step of being born again.† But I wasnít sure if itís right or not to be water baptized, because I already was baptized when I was a baby in my own church.† These questions made me search for the answer to be water baptized. Then our Pastor taught us about Water Baptism one day, and gave us these questions: 1) who commands to be baptized? and 2) who is going to be baptized? ††He (Pastor) read to us:

1) Matthew 28:19: ďGo therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Ē

2) Acts 2:41, ďThen those who gladly received his word were baptized...Ē

3) Romans 6:4, ďTherefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should† walk in newness of life.†

So I believed these verses from the Bible and knew that I didnít understand the Word of God and the baptism when I was a baby.† Now I can read and by the help of God I understand what it says in His Word.† Then I take it into my heart for real, that this is not any manís idea but it is Jesus who commanded it, and those who believed in His Word, will be buried with Him through baptism, as a symbol of Jesus dying on the cross, buried in the tomb and then rose up again from the dead, praise the Lord!†

God is so amazing, blessed is His Holy name! Then I wanted to show the people, my family and those who knew me that I believed in Jesus by taking one step forward to agree with: Galatians 2:20,

ďI have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.Ē

Before I wanted to do this, I talked to my mother and father about water baptism, and asked them that I wanted to be water baptized.† Even though it was hard for them to agree but by the understanding of God in them they allowed me.† So on the 26 th of October 2003, I was water baptized by our Pastor and the church and also one of my sisters were there too.† This was my glorious day and in my heart I was so full of joy and thankfulness. I thank God that on that day (October 26, 2003) was one of His plans too for my life, because I never expected this or even understood it, but only He makes me understand and to believe in Him.

I am so glad and excited to be real with God and believe that He is alive in me.† I also thank Him, for His mercies toward me endures forever.† Even though I never thought of Him to accept and love me, He did anyway. In my heart God gives me His peace divine, and to believe that He is the one to be trusted.† Iíve been around everywhere searching, but there is none like God.† There is no one or anything in this world to fulfill and cure my wounded heart.† But since Jesus came into my heart, I believed that He is my only medicine.† He is the only One to fulfill my need, no matter what is it, emotional, spiritual or physical needs.† He alone is worthy to be praised and to receive honor, power and glory.  As I walk with God, everyday I want more of Him in my life. 

One day, I heard some people talking about Baptizing with the Holy Spirit.  This was weird for me to hear them talking about this.  I used to hear people speaking in tongues.  For me, it makes me laugh sometimes and also I donít know what these people are saying.†† Sometimes I wondered if they knew what they were talking about.† But when one lady shared with me her experience with the Holy Spirit, I liked it.† She told me that it builds up herself (1 Corinthians 14:4), and is a heavenly language, which youíre talking straight to God.† She also said that the only thing that people know I have been filled with the Holy Spirit, is speaking in tongues. This is the only outward evidence of the Holy Spirit.† I was so excited hearing her story.

Not only that but looking at her and her husband, thereís so much joy and peace and they are so different in spiritual life. Also, when I shared with them everything that Iíve been through, they are the first Christian people to love and accept me no matter for who I was, where I was, and didnít care what Iíd been doing.† I know itís not because of them but because Jesus is real and alive in their lives.† These differences in them, makes me desire to experience walking with the Holy Spirit. †So I prayed and asked God to fill me with His Spirit.†

After one or two weeks, there were two men who came to Tonga from Montana (USA), Rick Ramsbottom and Joe Winterman.† One of them is Paulaís manager (Rick), and Joe is his co-worker from the same fellowship. So on November 2, 2003, we sat down with these two men within our life-group.† They shared with us and they talked about being baptized with the Holy Spirit.† I told them that I wanted to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.† So they laid hands on and prayed for most of the members one by one. When they came to me, it was so amazing how they told me, that the curse in my life has been broken and through the power of the Holy Spirit, they delivered me from some familiar spirits that were in me.† I was surprised when they said this because they didn't  know me and I didnít know them yet.†† But knowing in my heart that this is God through these two men and the Holy Spirit is in them alive and real as it claims in 1 Corinthians 2: 10,

ďBut God has revealed them to us through His Spirit.† For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.Ē†

So I thank God that He revealed it to me through these men, that the curse has been broken.† I shared with Rick and Joe what had been broken when they laid hands on me.† They were surprised at what Iíd been telling them and it was encouraging to them too. Then later, I went in one room of Sela and Paulaís house. I cried out to God and asked Him to fill me with the Holy Spirit and my heart was full with thankfulness.† Suddenly I just started speaking in tongues and I felt joy and warmth through my body, then I called Him Ė Holy Ghost Fire.† This is when the Holy Spirit came into my life. He is real and alive in me ever since.† Praise the Lord that He sends His people at the right time to speak to me when I needed it.† Hallelujah!† As I walked with the Holy Spirit I experienced another step of being born to the Kingdom of God.† I started to discern good from evil because the Holy Spirit guides me.†

On the 1st of December, I paid for a raffle ticket from a friend; I only wanted to help her.† To my surprise, I won the prize; inside were deodorants, perfumes, plus a 1.5ltr of Vodka and 6 boxes of Winfield.† As I received this prize, I thanked God and was thinking of getting some money from the 1.5ltr of Vodka and the cigarettes.† Because the Holy Spirit lives in me, He didnít agree with me to sell these.† He (Holy Spirit) put in my heart these words:†

1) This is what I used to do in the past Ė drinking and smoking

2) Heís not happy with me to feed His people with the things of this world but to feed them with ďHis WordĒ,

3) Then He put in my heart to show the people, friends and family and myself that I no longer yield to my past, by destroying these two items (vodka & cigarettes), because I belong to the Kingdom of God now.  So I did exactly what the Holy Spirit guided me to do and destroyed them. 

As I shared this with my family they were surprised, and some of them told me that I was wasting it.† But my sister that lives overseas told me: that now she believed me because this was my life Ė the alcohol and cigarettes, I would never have wanted to destroy this, but now I can do it, only because God is real in me.†

So I was happy with the works that God has been doing. For it is a testimony for my family, friends and myself too.† I really thank God that He has sent His Spirit to comfort and direct my path.† The greatest testimony for me is that the Holy Spirit is real and He is a person.† I experienced Him and I love to be with Him always.† It is a great joy for me to take these steps of becoming a child of God.† Deep in my heart, I believe that God is alive and He can satisfy my hungry soul. Seeing the miracles that God is doing in my life makes me fall in love with Him. Sometimes I canít believe and understand it myself.† But I can understand it because God makes the changes and He is the Lord of my life. This world is just a fantasy and everything in it.† I never became a real person until God pulled me out.†

In December 2003, I was praising God, for this was a difficult season of my life.† Every day before Christmas and New Years was a special month for me to worship God.† Then He put in my heart all the ladies that Iíve been with before, even my family.† God wanted me to reconcile and share with them what He has done in my life.† It was difficult for me to do this but because I have to obey Him, I donít have any other choice.† Before the New Year, I talked to most of the ladies that IĎd been with and shared with them.† Some of them asked me, if Iím all right with this life, and I told them what a joy it is to be with the Lord.† So they told me it is good and they encouraged me to go on with this life.† Even most of my family were happy to see me change.† Praise the Lord!

On the 1st of January 2004, God put in my heart a verse as a motto to start this New Year with, in Matthew 6:33:

ďBut seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.Ē

So I asked God to use me every day, and to start my new life with Him in a new place.† I told God I can no longer stay in my Egypt, it wonít help me to grow.† I wanted to go on with Him in a new environment of His people and wanted to start with a new job, because I didnít want to take the course again in the Faith Seminary (Tonga- Extension).† So He put in my heart to move from my house to Sela and Paulaís.† Even though I wanted to go on with God, still it was difficult for me to move from my house. I was still trying to figure out when Iím going to move.† Then one day Paula asked me; how are you Nipa? (I told them that I was backsliding).† They asked me why. Ė I told them because at home:  I canít change my brothers and sisters from listening to worldly music and I donít like to hear these anymore and other things too.†

As I shared this, in my heart the still voice of God told me that this is the right time to move.† So after a week or so, I asked Sela, Paula, and Rick, and they said yes. I prayed for the right time to talk to my parents about moving.† In Godís timing, I talked to my father and he agreed with a happy face. Maybe after three to four weeks then I moved, but because my mother was overseas, I was afraid what her response would be when she came back. But I never live with this fear by the helping of God through Sela and Paula. So I prayed to God for the right time to talk with my mother and asked God to make her understand.† I was also still praying for the right job.

After I moved from my house, I told the staff at the Faith Seminary that Iím not going to take the course this year.† Then the Director told me I can still work.† After two weeks one of the staff told me that they needed someone whoís taking the course to work.† So I decided not to work there anymore.† I thanked them for all their help and I knew they wanted me to take the course.† But God put in my heart no more desire to continue with this study. So I thank God because this shocked me and thereís no way to talk to their Director, because he was overseas.

Suddenly, some people approached me to work.† There were two opportunities for me, so I prayed about it, then God put me in a new school.† Itís called International Christian School of Tonga.† So I took it and I found out from here why God gave me ďMatthew 6:33Ē.† Itís a great challenge for me to be in this school, to help teaching.† Itís located far from where Iím staying, to the Eastern side of Tonga, near our airport.† But where I am staying, is in town.† So every morning, I have to wake up early to catch the bus.†† And every day, morning and afternoon, I have to take the children in town to school and back. By trusting God and believing in Him everything is possible.† Starting with God itís always a big challenge.† There are times I give up but knowing God has promised in Hebrew 13:5a, ďI will never leave you nor forsake youĒ makes me strong every day. ††

On the 2nd of March, my mother arrived from overseas and I came to see her. She greeted me with joy and expressed her happiness.† I came and hugged my mother and inside I thanked God.† He makes me happy knowing He is working in my motherís life. I asked her if it is alright with her that Iím moving. †I canít believe it myself, that she said yes.† Then she asked me if Iím alright, and I told her yes. I donít know how to explain it, but itís a miracle.† I thank God that He is faithful with me and before I shared to my mother. She shared with me what joy it is to know that I am really changed.† This isnít my mother but because God is true and alive, everything is possible for Him, only in believing and having faith in Him. I thank God for my parents and all my families.† Without them, I wouldn't be able to go around looking for the answers for my life, but only through Godís grace have I been saved (Ephesians 2:8,9).

Iím so glad that He created me to be a woman.† I believe that God already had a plan for me, for He promised in Philippians 1:6, ďÖ that He who has begun a good work in me will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.Ē

He loved me with an everlasting love and He has drawn me with His loving kindness (Jeremiah 31:3).† Thatís why He blessed me with a family only through His own precious blood, Paula & Sela, Rick, Moíunga, Dorcas and Grace.† To God be the glory forever and ever, for it is His Kingdom that I belong.† Let Your Kingdom come in my life Lord Jesus. Amen!† God is still working in me to fulfill His plan!


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