Chapter Seven

The Floodgates Open Wide ...

                                        (By: Mary E. Adams)

And so, as I continue this little book, I will share with you some of my experiences that taught me many things.  Come along and be blessed!

Soon after revival broke out in the Anchorage church, I found myself being asked to speak at other places.  One of the first involved a weekend women's retreat.

Deliverance by His Word

I supposed there were about thirty women in that home somewhere in the Matanuska valley...a beautiful area surrounded by towering mountains.  I had no idea what I would speak about, and frankly...was just trying my best to listen to the Holy Spirit tell me. 

Jesus said he never did anything except what the Father showed him to do. How we must always remember that---for it is the clue to great miracles.  There is a reason for it too, because when it is Him doing it, then we cannot take any credit at all and God is glorified.

Anyway, I got up to speak on the first night and suddenly the Holy Spirit said to me: Take authority over every evil spirit here.  Rebuke it in My Name.  It did not seem to me that there would be any one of those women who had evil spirits...they were all church members.  But yet, I did not know all of them.  So I did as I was commanded to do and said, "Before I begin, the Lord says for me to speak to an evil spirit and command it to loose itself from someone here.  So, in Jesus' name I speak to you, evil spirit, and command you to be gone and not trouble this woman or anyone else in this room!"  Those ladies were surprised. But so was I.

Nothing manifestation of any kind.  So I went on with the message.  In fact, two days passed with no hint that anything had transpired about this event.  But on the last day, a Saturday, the women gathered to testify what God had done for them during the retreat.  A certain woman stood up.  And when she did, I observed that several others gasped.  

"I need to say something" this lady explained.  "On the first evening, when sister Adams rebuked an evil spirit, I felt something go out of me.  I feel so entirely different." I noticed she had tears in her eyes.   There was instant cheering and clapping of hands.  I had no idea that this woman was truly demon much so that even in church she would put her feet on the pew in front of her and disrupt the service with uncontrollable loud talking and other things. 

When her husband came to pick her up at noon...they told me that he was astounded...he did not even recognize his own wife! 

I rejoiced at what God had done, and some two weeks later I was at a Laundromat washing clothes and this same woman was walking by and saw me inside.  She went in and came to me. "Oh Sister Adams!  I am on my way to the airport.  I had called my father down in the States to tell him what had happened to me.  He cannot believe it, so I am flying out tonight to go and show him!"  God had truly delivered this woman without anyone touching her or making a special to-do over her.  Just the Word of God had been enough!  What a miracle!


I had made friends with another lady who preached...a highly anointed woman...Nita Berquist, who now has a ministry in the Seattle area. I felt like a little worm beside this anointed woman, but both of us had been asked to come and hold meetings in Pennsylvania.  That excited me...I had never done that before.  

So we flew down and spent three days in a small town, teaching and ministering.  So many were saved!  One young man threw his drugs down the toilet.  And we literally baptized people in a swimming pool covered with ice we had to break! but then they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the fire of God kept them warm!  It was so exciting.

Before I had to leave, I prayed for God to continue using me to minister...even on the airplanes, for I had three to catch to return to Alaska. For the first flight,  I asked the Lord to put someone next to me who needed a healing.  The next flight, I asked for someone to be next to me who was hungry for the Holy Spirit. And the last flight, for no one to be on either side of me...I wanted to stretch out and sleep all the way home.

I boarded the plane and was sitting beside the window. A woman sat down beside she was, a lady who needed healing. (I had asked for it, didn't I? She HAD to be needing a healing!  But we flew along without her saying anything at all.  I was talking to God...she must speak to me first.)  Then, suddenly,  she did. 

"Where are you from?" she asked.

"Alaska? what are you doing down here?"

"Oh...I just came from Carmichael where we had a wonderful move of God.  Many people received salvation, many were filled with the Spirit, many healed," I answered her.

There was a long silence.  But as we neared Chicago, I heard the landing gear coming down and wondered if anything was going to happen.  Before we hit the tarmac, this woman pulled up the sleeve of her coat and exposed her right arm, which was swollen. "Would you please pray for my arm?" she said.  Indeed, I did!

I was very excited to see this answer to prayer.  Now...Chicago!  So many thousands of people in that huge airport...but one of them would have to sit next to me on the flight to Minneapolis, and would be hungry for the Holy Spirit.  IT HAD TO BE!  

I was beside myself with anticipation.  But as I found the proper place to board the airplane, I looked around at the people one seemed to "fit the bill."  Finally, we started into the airplane and I found my row and sat down.  Soon, a well-dressed man in a business suit came and stood where I was sitting. He would tell me later that he was a scientist with the 3M company.

"I think you have my seat" he said.

I looked at my stub...yes, I was in his seat.  I needed to move over one seat, but still next to him.

"What is that around your neck?  A frog?" he asked.

I touched my throat...I had completely forgotten the little dove an elderly man had carved and given to me before I left Carmichael. 

"Oh no, sir, it is a dove...a symbol of the Holy Spirit." I answered him.


"Why, yes...I do indeed." I replied.

"Woman, I am a Lutheran...I was always taught that God only speaks to us through the Bible...but I just came from a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting here in Chicago...they were saying God indeed talks to us through the Holy Spirit. Does he talk to you?"

That question led to my testimony the entire flight....and on the next leg of my one on either side of me.  I slept the entire time...all the way back to Alaska!    God had precisely answered my prayer.

Mary W.  

How much fun I was having!  What an exciting adventure...which only spurred me to wake each day with anticipation for what God might do next...

Bob was now working for the State of Alaska as a judicial services officer.  One day he called me from his office. 

"Honey, there is a lady that works here who is now in the Native hospital.  She is paralyzed.  Could you go and pray for her?" 

Of course, I could barely wait!   So I called a friend, Sister Ballard, to go with me on hospital visitation.  She was older than myself, but such a dear saint of God who just believed...

First, we went to Providence Hospital to pray for a lady in our church who had just had surgery.  Then we three prayed for Mary...the lady who was paralyzed, for we were going there from this hospital.  As we prayed, I suddenly heard a voice that said, "I am going to do a miracle there."  I told Sister Ballard as we walked to the parking lot to get into the car.  We got so excited we began to praise God right out there in the midst of everyone...then drove to the Alaska Native Hospital.  

We walked down the hallway and found her room.  There were three other beds with patients also.  Not having ever met this woman, I could only rely upon ministry as the Holy Spirit told how to do it.  I walked up to Mary on her right side, and Sister Ballard was opposite.  Mary had a towel on her head. There were pulleys and weights and many IV's.  She seemed in great pain. 

"Mary, Jesus says he is going to heal you," I said to her.

I could hear a faint, "Oh thank you, Jesus."

Then Sister Ballard and I laid our hands upon her body and began to pray.  Suddenly, I had a little vision in which I could see her spine and as we prayed, I could see like an x-ray what God was doing, guiding our hands. 

We prayed about five minutes, then left to go down the hallway and pray for others.  We returned in about 15 minutes, and Mary was trying her best to sit up.  "I am healed," she said.  We praised God with her, then left for home.

Later that evening there was a phone call. It was Mary.

"After you left, the doctor came in.  I was struggling and asked him to take off the weights and pulleys and disconnect me from the IV's.  I just had two ladies come in to pray for me, and I am healed," she said.  

"But he said 'No way!  I just was stopping by to show you the x-rays we took.  You must accept your paralysis, Mary, and make arrangements for someone to take care of your children." 

"No, doctor. I am healed.  Test me out any way you like...I am healed," she insisted.

After a bit of argument, Mary convinced the doctor to just check it out.  He did, and stood at the foot of her bed frozen in total amazement as Mary got up and walked!! 

"I've heard of it, but never seen it for myself," the doctor exclaimed.  She left the hospital the next day...a healed woman.

Mary added, "You know, I had laid in that bed several days, praying.  But no one came to pray for me...not even my pastor. Thank you, Jesus!" Mary is still healed today and lives in Anchorage.  

God truly answers our prayers...and in this case used all of husband, Sister Ballard, and even the lady in Providence...the Holy Spirit doing His work.

Mary E. Adams

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