Chapter6_NOW...GO TELL!

Chapter Six


 (By: Mary E. Adams)

So many times Jesus did a miracle and would just say to the person healed, "Now, go and tell others"---to give God the glory.  The woman at the well of Samaria could barely contain herself after talking with the Lord; she rushed back to her village excitedly, telling others to "come see a man!" 

Jesus had become a LIVE person to me.  And there were times I would slip away after having done the house cleaning, the cooking, and other chores and walk deep in the woods. There I found a huge rock near a little pond with some ducks, deer, and lots of birds.  I would climb on that rock and sit there with Him.  Oh, how we need to draw near to our Lord and let the Holy Spirit refresh us, speak to us, give us renewed strength.  Nothing could ever replace those times.

But soon after all of these things, I took a job down at the city hall to help with family finances, and also to try and save some money, to perhaps one day take a trip to see the Holy Land.  One morning I was sitting on my couch reading my Bible, when suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me, "Get up off your couch and go lie down on your bed!"  Out of nowhere!  I thought to myself, "Am I crazy or something?  Why would I need to go lie down on my bed...this couch would be good enough."  But I recognized it was God talking...for I had discovered that He often does things that make no sense to human minds at all.  Paul said that He works in mysterious ways...that His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor His ways our ways.  Things often come when you are least expecting them.

And so, I got on my bed and laid down.  Suddenly, I went into a vision.  It was as if I was up in the clouds looking a city.  I saw mountains, and then streets and buildings...strange-looking buildings made out of rocks.  Having seen pictures of it, I recognized Jerusalem.  There were little children playing, speaking a strange language.  I could even smell things...and as I looked around, the Lord spoke to me, "I have done this to show you it is in my power to take you to Jerusalem at any time...but you are not going now---you are going back to Alaska." 

Then He showed me things to come.  "You will return to Alaska to tell what I have done here.  On the way, the devil will attempt to kill you...but don't worry.  I will help you.  After you return to Anchorage, a pastor of a large church will call you to his home to share about events that have taken place here and after that, he will invite you to speak in his church.  Immediately after this, a woman will come to you and say these words: 'The Lord has told me to ask you to teach my Sunday School class.'

Just as abruptly, the vision faded away and I was left there on my bed in total amazement.  I was frightened and unsure of what to do...what would Bob say?  How could this be?  We were settled here...we had a wonderful, lovely home...the kids were happy...we had a good church...God was doing such wonderful things.  Besides...I had never spoken in any church before...I wasn't a preacher!  Women didn't do that (I had been taught). 

But I shared it with my husband.  And when I did, he actually swung around and danced on the floor for joy!!   "I was wanting us to go back to Alaska!" he said.  "But your job---and our house!" I argued.  But all my excuses were not going to change anything...I knew that.  For God had spoken.

And so, it all came to pass...just as the Lord had shown me.  Bob purchased a 1956 GMC truck with no power steering, built up some rails on the bed, and we loaded up what were the "must" items, sold our house, and started the long journey up the Alcan highway once again. 

Here's a free one:  Jesus told his disciples to forsake all and follow Him.  "Verily I say unto you, there is no man that hath left house or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake and the gospel's, but he shall receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life".  

Only briefly did Bob and I ever own another house...we rented.  After his death in 1989, and I was living in a little 16' travel trailer when I would return from the mission field...God GAVE me a house that I live in now...a beautiful little bungalow on a bluff in the woods.  That's a story I will finish later in this book...but this is to show you that God keeps His word...literally!!

We were a sight to behold...but we were used to the adventurous life. At that time, the Alcan highway was not paved...1200 miles of gravel and dust!   Bob drove our van with most of the boys plus the tent camper and I drove behind with the truck, as well as I remember I had two of them with me. 

We were driving along on a Sunday.  I had been trying to get a gospel radio preacher to listen to on the radio, but this was a remote area in the Yukon...there was no radio at all. Then suddenly, the truck made a sound and begin spinning uncontrollably all over the road.  I could not steer at all...and I looked to my left...there was  a drop-off of almost 400 feet!  My front left tire was near the edge and I knew that we were going to roll over for sure.  But then I remembered the vision...God had said the devil would try to kill me, but not to worry, He would help.  Just as suddenly, the truck headed for the right side of the road and came to a halt.  As we piled out, I saw Bob and the boys running back to us.  We looked at the rear blowout...but the RIM of one of the wheels had totally folded in two and collapsed!  I had never seen that before or even heard of it happening....but there it was!  My youngest son, Mark, looked at it and said, "The devil really did try to kill you, Mom!"  Yes indeed...but God's miraculous hand was with us. 

You see, dear friends, when God gives you a word...a "rhema"....nothing can stop it from coming to pass.  What confidence we can have when we believe what God has spoken. We were there for some time until we could locate another rim, then continued on toward Anchorage. 

After arriving, we were offered a temporary place to set up "camp" in the parking lot of a large Baptist church we had visited before.  But then things began to happen rapidly.  I did not know it, but word had gone before us about the move of God in Medical Lake...all the way here to Alaska!  And I soon had a call from the pastor wanting us to come to his house and tell him all about it, which we did.  Afterwards, he asked me, "Would you come and share this with my church on Wednesday night?"  Then I remembered the vision...step by step it was all coming to pass! 

And so I did.  The Holy Spirit was already at work there...and the church at that time was experiencing an awakening.  But after I shared with them, things really began to happen.  Before I left that place that night, a woman came up to me and said these words, "God has told me to ask you to teach my Sunday School class."  I was speechless...she said it just as it had been given me in the vision!  "What are you teaching now?" I asked.  "We just finished Romans and are going into 1st Corinthians" she replied.  Corinthians...the book that speaks about spiritual gifts...I told her I should talk to the pastor first and get his permission, for there would be subjects that were not all that "Baptist."  And so I did, but he said to me "Go ahead."  

This began several months of literal glory in that class...some sixty women were there, and as I began to teach I suddenly found them so hungry for a move of God on their lives,  they came for prayer afterwards. People began to be healed, and filled with the Spirit. They brought tape recorders; then their husbands began to was now getting hard to end the class and go into the main sanctuary for church.  There was no room.  

Then I began to be a little frightened...what had I gotten myself into?  How was I to handle was too much!  I cried to the Lord for help.  The very next Sunday a couple came I had never seen before. "God told us to come and help you" they said.  And indeed they did...helping me to pray for the people, the sick, those that needed deliverance...those that were wanting the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Real true revival now began in that large church!  Every day there was a new testimony as people shared the Lord with their friends and neighbors...just as had begun in Medical Lake. 

Oh dear friend, how I wish I could take you back with me in my mind to those days...they were so glorious.  Pentecost was alive!  People were alive!  This new-found joy in Christ became so wonderful, who cared to even talk of anything but Him...

Thus began the real adventure...

Mary E. Adams

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