WINTER SPORTS (In Bates, Oregon)


By: Melody (Morgan) McKinley


Have you ever heard of "hooky-bobbing?"  Being newcomers from Northern California, we had never heard of hooky-bobbing. 


When the snow and freezing came in the winter, our classmates started telling about going sledding and hooky-bobbing on the weekends.  The ones that lived in Prairie City would go over to Bates to join in the fun.


One weekend my boyfriend and husband to be, Roger, my sister, Sonja (Morgan-Johns), and I were invited to partake in the fun.  Low and behold, what a day.


We learned that you could hold on to a rope while sitting on a sled and be pulled down the road behind a car or pickup at a fare rate of speed.  Much to our surprise, we found out why this was such an exciting activity.


The most memorable part was that after everyone was cold, tired and hungry, we were all invited back to Kenny and Helen Bogart's home for hot chocolate and chili.  That is when we learned that the people that lived at Bates were like one big family.  The parents were always taking their children and others out for a day of activities.  They would pack along a lunch, build a fire and just enjoy the day.


Another sport that the people of Bates enjoyed was ice skating.  When a pond that was in Orrin Forrest's field near Vinegar Creek froze over it was a great place to gather.