By: V. Mix

The sun is slowly rising,

Through the murmuring pines,

The slanting sunlight gleams,

Melting winter snowdrifts,

Into blue rejoicing streams,

The deer are back from the low lands,

The meadow larks call their mates,

Spring has come to the mountains,

And we're loggin' out at Bates.


The Mrs. Runs the board n' house,

Posts the letters to our girls,

Gladys waits on tables,

And Pat dives the pearls,

Mike is in the kitchen,

Making pies and savory stews,

But we're just not tellin',

Who brings our mountain dew.

With good eats-a-plenty,

Mike fills our plates,

Our appetites are amazing,

When we're loggin' out at Bates.


Out at the loggin' camp,

'Tis hard to settle down,

The boys are kind a' restless,

After winter in town.

And the call bell rings early,

We roll out with the dawn,

Each man to his task,

We're mighty men of brawn.

From the hillside comes the music,

Of the cross-cuts steady whine,

For the teams are close upon us,

And the frost is in the pine,

But when Saturday night rolls 'round,

We'll walk to keep our dates,

And our girls come to meet us,

When we're loggin' out at Bates.


Helmer is our cruiser,

Surveys all our lines,

For loggin' train and tails,

Chooses all our pine.

Haden runs our commissary,

His prices are kind of high,

But you got to have tobacco,

And it's the only place to buy.

Edith and Lela work together,

Setting copy on the slats,

Teachin' all the tiny tots,

Of the loggers out at Bates.


Verne runs the engine,

Curly tends the brakes,

But when Norris looks you over,

Your heart kind of quakes.

When you're tired and hungry,

A walkin' and dead broke,

For Norris is the big boss,

He settles all our fates,

And tells Herb to write it out,

When we're loggin' out at Bates.


Father McMahon holds chapel,

Looks after our spiritual needs,

Teaches from the holy word,

The right and wrong of our deeds,

About our Christ on the cross,

And the heavens above,

The promise of eternal bliss,

The wonders of God's love.

About heavenly angels,

The beauty of the pearly gates,

When life's tasks are over,

And we're through loggin' out at Bates.