By: Loreta Gartner


In 1945 I lived in Sumpter and went to school in Sumpter and high school in Bater.  At that time Chuck was working at Bates in the mill.  He ran the saw and scaled logs with George.


We were married in 1947 in Baker.  I will never forget November 7, 1947.  We had to drive back to Austin, over Doolie Mountain.  It was snowing heavy; the road was slick, and as a new bride I was very nervous; was worse than standing in front of Judge Baird say "I do."


We had a small house in Austin.  We called it our honeymoon shack.  At the time, in the winter Chuck would have to plow the road from Bates to Austin in order to get out. 


We would walk the railroad grade to Bates in the summer time for the mail; the Postmaster was Rose, as I can remember the Post Office behind Carl's store.


We met several nice families there and made a lot of friends.  Donald and Lorena were the first couple that we met.  The boys did a lot of hunting together, and we picked a lot of huckleberries.


Our son Charles was born in Prairie City at the Blue Mountain General Hospital in May 1949.  Our daughter Mary was also born at the Blue Mountain General Hospital in Prairie City in June 1950.


We played lots of cards; pinochle.  The one that lost had to fix breakfast.  There was times that we would play all night.  That was our winter pastime with the Osburn family.


We moved in 1952 to Philomath, Oregon and made our home farming and logging.  I lost my husband, Chuck, June, 1990.  This will always be my fondest memories of the past.  They will never be forgotten.