By: Dave Connolly


Although the lumber business offered good wages, there were a lot of peaks and valleys of employment, especially during the long spring layoff.  Consequently, it was difficult to match up your income with your needs during the year.

After a long spring layoff many people would go into a real buying "frenzy" beginning in July when the long hours and big money was available.  This usually culminated with a major purchase at the end of the summer.

Since hunting season in Bates - Austin carried an equal importance to Christmas and New Year, this major purchase to many was a new truck for hunting.  I can remember it being an annual ritual for some people to enjoy their new truck immensely during the hunting season and then as if on cue the repo-man would show up after season and tow the truck away.  Guess it's better to have great fun for awhile than not to have fun at all.