By: Hazel Woods


There was a Japanese man who lived over at the end of the meadow at Austin near the old Eccles Sawmill in an old railroad car house.  He was a very clean man.  His house was immaculate.  Somebody was killing chickens and some of the Austin kids having gotten mad at this man decided to put chicken guts in his house one day while he was gone.  When he came home he was really mad, and I guess you know there were some kids who got in trouble for that little trick. 


There was an old Dutchman that lived behind Cardwell's and Walter and Georgia Frazier's houses, and Hazel Wood and Forrest Raines would tease him to death.  We took a gunny sack and stuck it in his stove pipe, so when he built a fire it smoked him out, but he never found out who did it, and of course they didn't tell anyone.