By: Dave Connolly


After completing two years of college, I ran out of money (and enthusiasm), so I went to work as a "grease monkey" in the Bates truck shop. 


I soon learned that my mechanical ability was nil.  I tried very hard to do a good job (especially for my dad's sake, because he had enough Irish pride and tenacity for several people) but it seemed I screwed something up ever time I turned around. 


Just to name a few:


when I finished greasing a truck and changing the oil I would drive the truck around to the large heated barns where they would sit for the night.  One particular time I made the turn too sharp and one of the bunks ripped off part of the front wall.


Another time I forgot to tighten all the bolts on the oil filter container and the truck driver lost all his oil out in the woods.


I vote for sainthood for my boss.  I'm sure he could have killed me, but instead he suggested I would probably be more valuable (and less destructive) to the company working in the office.


I accepted the new position, learned some valuable business lessons, and gained a renewed enthusiasm to return to college in the business field.