By: Verna (Cook) Weatherly


Both our parents had lost their fathers while infants, and mothers during their teens.  For this reason, I would like to share a little of their long history in this country.


Thomas Harrison Maddox, our mother's father, was born in Silvies, Oregon.  His parents, Israel Maddox and Amanda Gilpin Maddox, came in 1876 by covered wagon to Oregon.  Thomas Maddox was deceased in 1916 when our mother, Mary Maddox, was one year old.  Lena, our mother's mother, Thomas' widow, married Robert G. Pierce one year later.  Lilace, Betty, Calvin, Glen and Wayne were born later.  Lena was deceased in her early 30's. 


Mary Emily Maddox - our mother


1848 letter by Rev. Matthew Maddox - writes history dating back to Jamestown 1611 (undocumented); other facts in this letter are known to be true.  The letter was found by the Mormon Church and they gave it to our family.


Rachel Bonnifield married Matthew Maddox 1774, born St. Mary's County, Maryland, the family had migrated as Huguenots from Normandy, France around 1700 (well documented history of her family, publ. 1948).


Amanda Gilpin, our mother's paternal grandmother, was granddaughter to Lydia Ball, descendent of Alling Ball, landed and settled area of New Haven, CT.;  1635 (documented).  Amanda married Israel Maddox and came to Oregon in a covered wagon and had 13 children.


William Earl Cook, Jr. - our father.


There has been very little research on this family line:


1900, Census Bureau Virgil Township, Missouri lists William Earl Cook (Sr.), our grandfather, son of James R. Cook, farmer; born November 1856 in Missouri.  Father and mother born in Tennessee.  Wife Mary Marimba, born September 1865, father born Kentucky; mother, Tennessee.   William Earl Cook, Sr., born October 1888, New Mexico, was our grandfather, etc. 


1910, Census Bureau, lists James Robert Cook, our paternal Great Grandfather, Section Foreman, Dixie Station, Grand County, Oregon.  Mary Marinda, our paternal Great Grandmother, wife, landlady and owned their own home.  William Earl Cook, our paternal Grandfather, Section Foreman, Dixie Station, etc., brother Raymond Cook, Section Foreman, etc.


William Earl Cook, Sr., married Mary Grace Dolby from Baker, Oregon, our grandparents.


William Earl Cook, Sr., deceased approximately 1913.


1920 Census Bureau lists Bert Busby, Grant Country, Oregon, Austin, wife (Mary) Grace, 25; son Ralph, 8; son Laurel, 2; daughter Maxine,1; stepson William, 7; all born in Oregon.  Grandpa Bert employed at the Lumber Mill in Austin.  Other family members had been listed, but bottom of record badly torn.