By: Dave Connolly


Once in a great while something comes along in a community that brings everyone together with such strength that accomplishment of nearly any task seems possible.  Such was the task of building the Bates Community Hall.


Everyone in the community lent their particular expertise (in my case it was pushing a wheel barrow) to the project.


The result was a great building capable of accommodating all kinds of community functions such as Scout meetings, Volleyball, Basketball, Retirement Parties, and of course, some great dances.


The inside of the hall was a real tribute to our Lumber Industry with beautiful knotty pine walls and well varnished wood floors.


Now that the community had donated a lot of "sweat equity" it was time to properly initiate the new facility. 


I remember my Dad's job was to help park cars outside the hall.  This particular function was well organized.  Needless to say leaving the parking lot after many hours of pretty heavy merriment wasn't well organized.  In fact, I think a few automobiles had their exteriors slightly rearranged that night.


The whole evening was a grand affair.  Everyone was proud of their new Community Hall and utilized it to the fullest.  There were a lot of interesting things that happened that night; especially after the "booze" took charge of the motor sense of many individuals.  The end result was mostly a lot of uncontrollable laugher and some unique, animated dancing. 


One particular event of the evening really sticks out in my mind.  There was a very jovial gentleman that made it his duty for the evening to use his rather sharp pocket knife to cut all the gentlemen's ties off, leaving a short "stub" hanging from their neck.  He was a big, strong, nice guy, so everyone good naturedly accepted his ritual.


Another gentleman who was in charge of maintenance of he employee's homes offered free gallons of paint to any of the ladies who would dance with him.  His dance card was full for the evening.  Quite a few freshly painted homes looked pretty nice that following week.


The Community Hall continued until the demise of Bates to be the "Social Hub" of the community.