By: Hazel Wood


Bob Howell worked at the Bates hotel.  He was an excellent cook.  I learned a lot about cooking by working under Bob.  I cooked at the hotel also.  I worked at the hotel for 21 years.  About 10 of those years I worked under Bob.  At that time they were cooking for about 85 men, three meals a day.  They would get up at 3 a.m. to prepare food for breakfast.  Pearl Roberts, Hazel Blume (Wood), Bob Howell, Willard White, and others worked at the hotel.  There were about 10 people working to feed these men.  We fed the mill crew, the sawmill men that lived at the hotel, and when they were building the dry kiln there was even more men to feed. 


Georgia Frazier and Mary Cook made beds in the hotel.  Later there were two annexes added onto the hotel, at different times.  I can't remember how many rooms there were to house the men.  The bosses had the rooms downstairs with their own private bath.  The bosses from Baker got the good rooms upstairs. 


When the men out in the woods forgot their lunches, the boss would call in and Bob would fix them up sack lunches, and send them out to the men.  He would send out pork chops, etc., not your normal old sack lunch.  Each day the hotel kitchen crew made up about 45 lunches for the men to take with them to the woods to work.