Drinking From The Bates - Knuteville Spring

Salmon Run In The Middle Fork John Day River (At Bates, by the bridge crossing the Middle Fork near the old reservoir hill)

Final Dry Kiln Demolition

Big Rock

Trip On The Backroad To The Old Bates Dump

John Day Church Deer

Elk Grazing Between John Day And Mt. Vernon


Prairie City, Oregon High School Class Reunion (1960's era) - 1996:  Part 1  Part 2


Clear Creek - It's "Amazing Healing Properties"


Some Interesting Facts About The Top Of Strawberry Mountain


  Hiking To The Top Of Strawberry Mountain


Bates - Austin History MOVIE Dale Heaton (longtime Bates resident) made:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9


If you scroll down a ways, you'll find a delightful post by Don Endecott.  Don shares that at the age of 8, his father let him engineer a steam engine locomotive in the Bates - Austin area.  Nearly 70 years later, Don was fortunate to engineer that very same locomotive, and here is some wonderful video footage of it:

Riding The OREGON LUMBER COMPANY # 7 Shay Steam Engine Locomotive


Nice website of the Austin House!  Click on BLANK when you visit this Google page.  Be sure and turn your speaker on while browsing through it, and enjoy the wonderful music.  (Thanks, Len Cardwell, for forwarding this).


 Here's some beaver watching, fly fishing video footage taken at Magone Lake, in 2008 also located in the same county where Bates - Austin are located.

Some Strawberry Lake - Slide Lake footage

Little Strawberry Lake Falls footage
High Lake footage

More Slide Lake footage

Footage Norm took in the Bates area in 1992.  The quality of the footage is not all that good because of age deterioration of the original VHS videotape, as you will see:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


Rare Elk hunting
(Footage taken in the Bates/Austin area in 1988) 

Chet Johns - 1999
Mule Deer Putting On A show - Galena - 1999


Dr. Mick Watterson's Silver Creek Falls Chauffering Service (Promo):

Note:  If anyone has old video footage of the Bates -Austin area, please contact me about putting it on YouTube, or so I can link to it, so others can enjoy it.  Thanks - Norm    Email: 

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