Jesus Did It!


By: Kathy Rienstra

I want to testify of God's faithfulness in answer to prayer.  The first testimony gives a very quick answer to prayer.  The second testimony took years to manifest.

On Wednesday, May 30, 2007, the girls and I had left Kyra's guitar teacher's home.  We were stopped at a traffic light waiting for the light to turn green.  After the light turned green I proceeded to accelerate.  I noticed in my peripheral vision to the left of my van, a car speeding through the red light.  I quickly slammed on the brakes, but not quick enough.  the car clipped my front bumper.  Praise God, no one was hurt!

We followed the car into a driveway.  After seeing if the girls were okay, I got out of the car.  The teenage boy who was driving the car that hit us was getting out of his car too.  I asked, "Do you know what happened?"  He answered, "What?"  I said, "You just ran a red light."  He said, "No I didn't, my light was green."  I said, "No, your light was red, because my light was green."  He denied that he had run a red light.  At that point I decided it would be best not to talk to him any further.  I didn't want him (or the two girls in his car) to twist anything I might say from that point on.  I said to God that if He doesn't send a witness, it's going to be this driver's word against mine.  I asked God to please send a witness.

Praise God!  He sent two witnesses to verify my story!  One of the witnesses was the man in the car behind me.  He said, "I saw the light turn green and you started to go through, then I wondered why you hit your brakes."  At that point, I knew God had protected by back end from getting smashed.  Many times in my morning prayers I will thank the Lord for being my rear guard (See: Isaiah 52:12).  Isn't He faithful!!

Whenever my husband, Steve, and I have an attack on our finances, we claim Malachi 3:11.  God promises in His Word that He will rebuke the devourer for the tither.  Since we are tithers, we believe that we qualify for that promises and we claim it.  Time after time, we have seen God take situations that looked real bad at first, and turn them around for us.  I claimed this promise while we were waiting for the police to arrive.  When the insurance company called the next day they informed me that they were going to waive our deductible.  Thank You Jesus!

The second testimony involves my sister, Karen.  She is my only sister, and the only sibling that I grew up with (I have a much older half-brother).  Karen and I were very close, until about the time that I had Kyra, and really got on fire for Jesus.  We have always kept in touch, but things were just not the same.  She didn't have any interest in talking about God and really the only thing that I want to talk about is Him and how He protects me, teaches me, provides for me, etc.

On Mother's Day, 2007, she called me.  During the course of our conversations she asked me if I had any Joyce Meyer books.  I said that I wasn't sure.  I knew I had some Joyce Meyer tapes.  She was looking for a particular book about prayer.  Then she asked me if I watched Creflo Dollar.  I said that I used to watch him, but now I find that I can read so much more in the time it takes to watch a TV program.  I had no idea that my sister even knew who Joyce and Creflo were.  Karen is a very busy woman.  She is a schoolteacher and she owns a retail store.  There are many demands on her time.

The next thing she asked me was if I knew of a good Bible that I would recommend.  I told her that I could show her the one that I use most often and she could see if she likes it.  Then she asked me if I have any devotion books.  I said, "Yes, I have lots of devotion books."  She knew that I would be coming over to see her Memorial Day weekend and asked if I could bring her one.

Then I asked, "Karen, what is all this about?  Why the sudden change in heart?"  She said that she just wanted to start reading the Bible.  I started crying and said, "I have been praying for you for so long."  She replied, "I know you have." 

She told me that there was a woman who had been coming in her store testifying about all the things that God was doing in her life.  I told her that Christianity isn't a religion.  It's a relationship with God.  She said, "I know, people are always saying, 'The Lord told me this or the Lord told me that.'"  I said, "Yes, He will talk to you in a still small voice."

Karen said that she wanted to start going to church.  I said, "Find a church that believes that God still performs miracles and still heals.  Don't go to a church that thinks that after the book of Acts, God stopped performing miracles.  Go to a Spirit-filled church."  She said, "I know, a woman that works at my stores goes to a church like yours and she has invited me to come to her church.  I'm gonna' go there sometime."  Praise the Lord!

My prayer to God has been, "Lord, I don't need to be the one who leads my family to You.  You can use anyone that You want to.  I just ask You to keep sending people into my family's lives to testify of the miracles that You are performing in their lives."  And that's exactly what He did!  All the glory to God!



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