Jesus Did It!

By:  J. Mark Copeland  

POWER PRAYER IS PRAYING beyond ourselves.  It is pressing beyond our limited human reasonings and our vulnerable emotional states to make a faith connection with God.  It results in our perspective being altered to see things clearly and Godís power being released to change things radically.

I vividly remember a personal experience of powerful prayer that occurred when I was in the fifth grade.  I woke up one morning with abdominal cramps.  I had experienced them before on several occasions and feared that it might be appendicitis.  But, the cramps and pains always went away within a few minutes.  So I comforted myself on this occasion with the thought that these symptoms would let up this time as well.  Only, they didnít.

Pushing the fear to the back of my mind, I went to school only to find myself getting progressively worse.  By the end of first period class, I took my few books in hand and made my way to my next class.  By the time I made two bends in the hallway and entered the classroom, I was so weakened that my mind was racing with fear.  Instinctively, I dropped my books off and made my way to the bathroom where I stood against the wall with both hands over my stomach.  I was beginning to double over from the pain, and chills set in.  Reflecting on my brotherís bout with appendicitis and surgery a year earlier, my eleven-year-old mind became frantic with fear.

I made my way back to class to get my books and ask permission to go to the clinic.  Second period was recess, and there were only a couple of students left in class.  I went to pick up my books and found that I was so weakened that I couldnít lift them.  So, I asked a fellow student if he could help me get to the clinic, and he obliged.

I scuttled my way to the clinic as I could not lift my feet.  The nurse was out, the beds were empty, and my companion dropped off my books and left so as not to miss recess.  Making my way over to one of the beds, I spent a good two minutes trying to get in a laying down position on the bed.  If I laid my head on the pillow, my knees were up in the air.  If I flattened my legs, my head was up in the air.  The pains, chilling, and cramping just wouldnít let up, and my mind was racing.

I began to pray frantically, "God, youíve got to help me!  Please, God!  Do something!  Youíve got to do something!  Please, help me!"  Meantime, my imagination was picturing the revolving lights of an ambulance coming to get me and fearing it would not make it in time if the nurse didnít show up soon.

Suddenly, I heard the Lord speak to me in my thoughts.  I donít remember His exact words, but it went something like this:  "If you believe Iím here to help you, why are you so troubled?"  Instantly, all fear left though the symptoms remained the same.  I said out loud, "Thatís right, Lord. If I believed you were hearing my prayer, I wouldnít be acting like this.  Okay, God.  You said, "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."  (See Mark 11:24)  Now I desire that You touch my stomach and heal me.  Iím asking You to heal me.  I believe I receive it, and I know I have it!

At the instant that I finished saying these words, I suddenly saw in my minds eye a cloudy sky and noticed that the clouds dissipated at once to reveal a perfectly clear sky.  I had the sensation that my vision had been clouded over but that I could now see all the way through to a clear sky.  At that moment, two things happened back to back quicker than it takes to tell about it.  First, I felt as though God gave me an injection of faith.  All doubt vanished, and I positively knew that I was healed.  Second, upon receiving that assurance of faith, my body flattened out on the bed as though someone had lifted a barbell from across my waist.  All symptoms vanished.  I stood to my feet pressing against my stomach to see if I could find the slightest sign of pain.  There was none.

Iíve chosen to relate this particular experience because it demonstrates praying beyond ourselves and pressing into the dimension of Godís reign where faith is imparted and supernatural power is released.  I did not know it when I was 11 years old and laying in that clinic, but the vision God gave me at the moment He came to heal me connects graphically with a biblical teaching underscoring the need to exercise faith when we pray.


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