Jesus Did It!

By: Paul Ehlke

The Signer

One early morning in February, I was walking to the metro station where I catch the train to work. I prayed and said, "God, what is it you want me to do?" I asked him to speak to me and tell me anything. It was a time where I didn't quite have anything to say. My heart was in a state of peace, yet I pondered what God wanted from me. After I arrived at the station, I boarded the train and sat facing a man who was sitting a few rows up in a seat perpendicular to me. He was reading from a book of Sign Language practicing one word after another. Since I knew sign language, I was able to read every thing he signed. "If, is, am" etc.

Then all of a sudden he signed, "You need to put your spirit in God." This caught me by surprise. Would such a book have that statement in it? I was puzzled about this and wondered if the Lord just spoke to me. Had he heard my prayer just recently? This man then continued signing single words by itself, "School, book, chair". He had never laid eyes on me or knew I was watching him. Just before my stop arrived, he signed, "My Lord and Savior Jesus loves me very much." I got up and walked past him to exit the train car and looked down at his book, only to find single pictured words. Not sentences. God was totally speaking to me through sign language. Whether this man was an angel or not, God heard my prayer and asked me to be in him, reminding me once again that He loves me very much.

The Chair

One day at the office, during break, I was reading a story on the web. It was about a man who was bedridden in his last days. He had an empty chair facing the side of his bed. He liked to imagine that Jesus was seated there and he would hold lengthy conversations with Him. When he died, they found him leaning over with his head on the chair (in Jesus' lap). After reading that odd and fascinating story, I looked at the empty chair next to my desk and thought to myself, "I wonder if Jesus is sitting there right now?" Within minutes, I received a brief email from a friend and she closed off saying, "Remember, Jesus is sitting with you watching and admiring everything you do." I was amazed at this remark and was reminded how God knows our every thoughts and that He loves us so much.

The Sunray

One time I was driving a friend home on a cloudy afternoon. It was one of those grey, dim-lit days. The highway took us over a bridge that curved along the edge of a town. We could see the whole village from up there. Shining down below were a couple sunrays that broke through the moving clouds. They appeared as spotlights scanning over selected homes. In awe of this beauty, I told my friend that it looked like God shining blessings on the people below. Once I spoke, a beam of light let out a wave of radiance right onto us! After it followed our car for a few seconds, we were left in a state of shock and were suddenly thrilled. We ended up in joyful tears and laughter for the rest of our drive having been blessed by my own words of God's love for us.


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